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Here you will find links and information about people, books and other things that have inspired, helped and guided me. I hope this will help you in some way too! 

Friends & Colleagues

The Soul Matrix with Steve Nobel - www.thesoulmatrix.com

For information, news, ideas/tools, and free resources on: ascension, global awakening, consciousness, meditation, energy hygiene and healing, psychic protection, starseeds and much more. Steve also runs workshops, retreats and meditation evenings, as well as 1-to-1 spiritual help/coaching. Find Steve's free meditations and podcasts on YouTube or on SoundCloud with this link: www.soundcloud.com/conscious-media

Sacred Sounds with Olaf Nixon - www.sacred-sounds.com

For Gong Bath Therapy and Holistic Healing. He is based in Northampton, however also features at The College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London. I strongly suggest booking one of his gong baths as he truly is a Gong Master and I've also been to a few of his wonderful drumming circles, which really get the energy flowing!

Divine Infinity with Monica Fizelle - www.divine-infinity.com

For Atlantean Healing, Angelic Reiki Healing and courses, Angel Readings, Angel Oracle Card Readings, Divine I AM Transmissions. Monica is incredibly intuitive and I've had some fantastic sessions with her.

Craniosacral Therapy with Claudia Knights - crktherapies@gmail.com

Claudia has a practice near Holborn in London UK and has helped me tremendously with her wonderful sessions. As an energy practitioner, I'm very selective with who I choose to go to for any sort of healing sessions and I can say with confidence that I feel very comfortable going to Claudia, knowing that she is very Grounded when conducting the sessions, creating a safe space. If you've ever had a practitioner work on you who isn't Grounded themselves, then you'll know how important this is and why I have become so selective.

Books that have inspired me

- The Animal Healer - Elizabeth Whiter

- You Can Heal Your Pet - Elizabeth Whiter

- Medical Medium - Anthony William

- Your Pets' Past Lives - Madeleine Walker

- The Whale Whisperer - Madeleine Walker

- The Lightworker's Way - Doreen Virtue

- Healing with Angels - Doreen Virtue

- The Twelve Layers of DNA - Kryon

- Personal Transitions - Steve Nobel

- You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L. Hay

- Reiki For Life -  Penelope Quest

- The Prism Of Lyra - Keith Priest & Lyssa    


- The Dalai Lama's Cat trilogy - David Michie 

Aura Sprays & Candles 

The Archangel Studio - www.thearchangelstudio.com

For Aura Fragrance Sprays, Sacred Soy Candles, Gem Elixirs and Sacred Waters all created by Angela Waudby. I particularly like the Archangel Zadkiel spray to help me have a good night's sleep, as well as the Archangel Michael spray for protection and the Cleansing & Purification spray in my treatment room.