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Beyond Loneliness Meditation

Move beyond the illusion of loneliness on this 3D Earth plane with this loving and supportive meditation.

Listen in YouTube below or find the audio only file in SoundCloud here!

Feel free to listen to this track curled up in the foetal position on your bed, or sitting comfortably in a chair.

The background music incorporates the Violet Flame singing bowl, and so we specially call on this energy as it cleanses, delivers rapid positive change and aids in emotional healing. We also call to Archangel Chamuel, the angel of unconditional love, to come forward with a gift for your Heart Chakra. Your soul family, guides, angels and other members of your energetic support team in Spirit step forward as you feel held within their love and support.

This meditation was inspired by the extended lockdown within the UK and many other countries throughout the world in 2021. Many people are still being kept apart from their loved ones on the 3D Earth plane. So we use this meditation to offer you support from your energetic loved ones who can safely enter your room.

The beautiful background music track has been written by Katie Jane of VibroSound and this is what she has to say about it: "This track is designed to induce deep states of relaxation, promoting sleep. The intention & frequencies used are to clear the body through the use of the Violet Flame bowl. The Venusian energies are to support releasing blockages in the heart chakra, allowing for you to be open to the abundant flow of giving and receiving love. This track is simple and sparse in it's musicality, thus allowing the body to deeply relax to the repetitive nature & letting the mind slow to an almost sleeping state."


Wishing you a peaceful day ahead and know that you are a multidimensional spiritual being, who is loved by The Universe!

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