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Oil of Oregano boosts your immune system

Updated: 6 days ago

UPDATE MAY 2018 - while I still feel that Oil of Oregano is a fabulous product, I have since found out that it is not for long term use. I also strongly advise getting a Kinesiologist to check all supplements and homeopathic remedies for what your body wants as mine incidentally said "no" to Oil of Oregano.

ORIGINAL POST- I highly recommend taking Oil of Oregano drops every day to boost your immune system (see Amazon link below for the Nature's Answer brand I get). I was advised to start taking it just over a year ago before my retreat to Egypt to support my body on the trip

and it worked such wonders that I continued. I can honestly say that in just over a year, all I've suffered with was a little bit of sinusitis in April but no colds of flu, all while people were coughing and spluttering around me (poor souls). As a daily "maintenance" I take 4 drops but if I've been exposed to someone who's ill or I'm a little run down, then I up it to 7 drops. Be sure to put a little water in your mouth first though, because it is very potent and can be too strong on the tongue in it's neat form but I wouldn't advise putting the drops in a glass of water as it just coats the glass and all that product is then wasted.

Amazon Link to Oil of Oregano

I've seen that Oil of Oregano is also dog safe, however I'm not sure on dosage or how you give it to your dog so please check with a veterinary professional. All sorts of conditions you see in pets are caused by compromised immune systems (itchy spots on the skin, autoimmune conditions, many illnesses etc) and so they too will benefit from any support you can give them.

Oil of Oregano not only helps boost your immune system, but it also relieves stomach upsets, helps respiratory problems, gives relief from some skin ailments, tackles fungal infections, can relieve menstrual problems, can help in the management of diabetes and is an insect repellent, to name but a few. See here for more information on the wonderful benefits of Oil of Oregano:


As with all supplements, quality is so important and so I don't recommend going for the cheapest one you can find. Be kind to your body!

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