Human Services

I have full insurance to work with both people and animals, and I have an advanced DBS check.

Human Sessions:

Healing & Wellness Coaching at Client's home(see below for travel distance/cost)

(Done either on the client's own treatment bed, or seated in a chair)

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours - £90(includes discussion and healing)

Follow Up Consultation 1 hour - £75*

Wellness Coaching - includes Gut Health/Women's Health/Autoimmune Disease***

Care Home / Nursing Home and Hospice Healing available

Distant Healing & Wellness Coaching** (done remotely)

(The full allocated time includes a phone/Skype consultation and the Healing)

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours - £75

Follow Up Consultation 1 hour - £60

30 minutes - £45 (these are top-ups for existing clients only)

Wellness Coaching - includes Gut Health/Women's Health/Autoimmune Disease***

Singing Bowl Healing

Let the sound vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls massage your aura and energy fields as you lay relaxed on a yoga. I can adapt this if you are unable to lay on the floor, and in some cases I might place a Singing Bowl on the client's body directly. Prices the same as regular Healing. 

Concessionary rates available on a case-by-case basis, so please contact me if you would like to discuss this.

* These prices are for me to travel within 1 hour on public transport from where I currently live in Hampton TW12, UK (using Google Maps or City Mapper as a guide door-to-door), however I am more than happy to travel further and so please enquire about additional cost based on journey time and distance. I frequently find myself in Central London for clients and so do get in touch as I might be able to offer you an appointment for the same price if I'm in the area. For human sessions at the client's home, it will be done with the client seated in a chair or the client's own treatment/therapy bed, except for Singing Bowl Healing done on the floor on a yoga mat.

** DISTANCE HEALING - as healing transcends space and time, I can "send" a treatment to you/your companion animal in your home while I remain in my practice. There is no need for me to be physically present in the room but many people prefer it and of course it's lovely for me to meet my clients. Please note that payment must be received no later than 24 hours in advance for all distance sessions or the session will unfortunately not take place.

***WELLNESS COACHING - I have a vast amount of personal experience with various health issues, including managing to maintain being symptom-free of 3 autoimmune diseases for many years. I have supported my body through many gut related problems and avoided several further surgeries for endometriosis. I offer the knowledge I've gained through this personal experience to my clients to support them in finding their unique and individual path to recovery and wellness. Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical doctor and do not prescribe treatments, rather pointing my clients in a certain direction for them to explore better health options.

Cancellation Policy:

The fee will be non-refundable for cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice.

I do appreciate that emergencies happen and so we can discuss this.

Terms & Conditions:

All sessions are subject to availability in my calendar. Prices are subject to change, however I will endeavour to keep this website updated wherever possible. Please ensure you arrive on time if you are coming to my practice as the session will still end on time and I wouldn't want you to miss out on a full session. The same goes for me travelling to your home in that you need to be ready to receive me on time and begin the session. The above mentioned Cancelation Policy is considered part of these Terms & Conditions.

You will be required to complete a consultation form that will be kept on file for my insurance records for a minimum of 7 years. Please be advised that all information and what happens during the sessions will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to a 3rd party if the client gives permission in writing or those who are legally permitted to request the information, unless the well-being/welfare of the client/animal or others are of deep concern, Liz Findlay will contact next of kin or a professional as she sees fit. For children under 18 years of age, I require the Legal Guardian's permission in writing. All client details and session records will be kept digitally on a password protected computer and should the client request for these records to be deleted under GDPR, then the client forfeits all rights to take legal action against Liz Findlay and her practice. 

Please note that Energy Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine / veterinary care and so if you or your companion animal have a suspected medical condition, please seek professional medical advice first. For Animal Sessions, it is assumed that veterinary consent has already been obtained by the animal guardian before Healing sessions take place.

CNHC Registered for Reiki

UK Reiki Federation Member 

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