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About Me

In 2008, I had pretty significant surgery for Stage 4 endometriosis and was told I would be needing the surgery every 2 years for decades to come. I had since moved to London and I was first introduced to the method of healing called Reiki back in 2010. I began a lot of self healing, focusing specifically on my abdomen for the endometriosis, but didn't know if it was working. I certainly felt very relaxed and could definitely feel the energy, but the ego tends to get in the way and I wasn't convinced..... UNTIL.....

I went to see my original surgeon fully expecting to book the next available date but during my scan he was amazed and told me there was no need for further surgery just yet. He said the endometriosis was under control but was gobsmacked, having no medical explanation for why or how. He said he doesn't know what I'm doing but to keep doing it! I can happily say that I still haven't had to have further surgery all these years later and it's all down to Healing (anecdotally)!

I continued doing Healing to myself, friends and family but was guided to take a huge leap of faith in 2016 to quit my job in Property Management/Accounts and offer Healing professionally on a full time basis. My life path is to be a healer and I also realised that I need to specifically work with animals, as well as humans. This all happened on a spiritual retreat to Egypt in April 2016 and more specifically an encounter with a stray cat outside the Museum in Cairo.