About Healing

What is Energy Healing? What is Animal Healing?

Energy Healing is when a practitioner directs energy towards the client or animal usually through their hands, either in person or distantly, and can involve light touching. It has been known to bring the client or animal to a state of relaxation, often with effects of healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels. The deep relaxation that is achieved during a session kick-starts the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which helps deal with the stress hormones.

What is Reiki? What is Animal Reiki?

One such method of connecting to energy is by using Reiki, which is translated as Rei being "knowledge of the Universe" and Ki being "life-force energy". A practitioner will usually work on the different energy centres in the body that are called chakras. Reiki is sent into the chakras and then travels along the meridians to filter out into all cells of the body. The main difference I've come across for doing Human and Animal Reiki is that one usually starts with the Crown chakra in humans, while starting with the Base chakra in animals so as not to startle them with hands near the face.

I use many skills and methods from the different courses and workshops I've done on Energy Healing, with Reiki just being one of them. It is not linked to any religion and actually embraces all denominations and cultures. Scientific studies have shown that electromagnetic energy is omitted by the Practitioner's hands when connected to Reiki and this has been identified as optimum frequencies to stimulate healing in the recipient's body.

Some examples of where I've helped animal clients is with seizure support, arthritis, hip dysplasia, aggressive or fearful behaviour after trauma, fear of people / skittish, anxiety after moving home, grieving, general confidence, post-surgery recovery, urinating in the home, loss of appetite and so forth. My techniques are especially beneficial for rescues animals.

I've had many human clients really benefit from the rebalancing to be able to concentrate better at work and sleep better. Some other examples of where I've helped people is with surgery support in terms of calming pre-surgery nerves, post-surgery recovery with pain reduction and (anecdotally) quicker recovery times (a number of hip replacement clients). I also helped support clients who are recovering from knee injuries, damaged ligaments, sciatica, endometriosis, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, emotional trauma, grieving after the death of a loved one, low moods, PTSD, depression, joint inflammation, emotions after a relationship breakup, IBS, gut health in general, anxiety, trouble falling asleep, PMS and so forth. The NHS are even getting Reiki Practitioners in to help with supporting their cancer patients. However, Healing is not just for when things are challenging. I have some clients who book in every now and then just for some nice "Me Time" and report the best night's sleep in a while.

I cannot claim to cure anything but I can certainly say that Energy Healing / Reiki helps all situations (medical and emotional etc) even if it just brings some calmness and much needed "self love" time. Energy Healing always works for the recipient's Highest & Greatest Good and so it's best to leave expectations at the door as it may well be that you need to release or heal on the emotional level first before physical healing can take place. Energy Healing aids this journey and I have a box of tissues ready for you if emotions come to the surface to be cleared.

What happens during an Animal Healing Session?

What happens during an Animal Reiki Session?

For animal clients, it is good to start with some lovely slow stroking to calm the energy and bring them into a state of relaxation (provided they are happy to be touched). The practitioner then sends the Healing Energy into the animal's aura by placing the hands in different guided positions along the body. Some animals seem to relax more, perhaps feeling more secure, when one hand is placed on the body. Classic signs presented by animals during these sessions are a combination of the following: falling asleep, licking, chewing, twitching, passing wind, changing position to show where the would like the Healing Energy directed, and a change in breathing rate. They may even be playful or move around a lot, even bark substantially, but they are certainly still receiving the energy. All of this is completely normal and we give the animal space to release and express as they need to. Some animals require moments of processing whereby they walk away or have a drink of water and so I continue to hold the space for them to return when/if they're ready for the healing to continue. The animal will indicate when they have had enough for that session and we must honour this. For feral or anxious animals who do not allow people to get near, I can easily give a Healing session while standing outside their enclosure so it is not necessary for me to touch them. Even at a distance, the Practitioner can still feel the energy being drawn from their hands and the animals still show the classic signs of processing. Animals have been known to drink more water after a session, be a bit lethargic and so forth, which is all normal for about 48 hours to a week after a healing - think of how you feel after a relaxing massage!

What happens during an Energy Healing Session?

What happens during a Reiki Session?

The human client remains fully clothed during the session and is covered by a blanket as the body temperature usually decreases when relaxed. The practitioner then places their hands over different areas of the client's body and often following the chakras from the crown down to the base chakra. Some practitioners place their hands on the client if they consent, while others hold their hands above the physical body to direct the Healing Energy / Reiki through the aura to each chakra. Both the practitioner and the client may feel heat, tingling and perhaps a sort of pins and needles. You might also go into a meditative state and see colours, visions or nothing at all, perhaps feel something physical and even burp. This is all completely normal and unique to each recipient. Working through trauma, upsets and lower vibrational energy can be likened to peeling through layers of an onion. Sometimes working through a layer can be somewhat easy and swift, while other times it can be quite challenging with emotions and even physical symptoms of feeling unwell. Just know that it's better to release what can be released, rather than to bottle it up and let it brew any more than it has already (likely years, even decades). You will most certainly feel a shift once it has passed, with a lightness and reason to smile.

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