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Energy Healing​

A non-invasive energy system for relaxation, healing, harmonising and balancing on the physical, emotional & mental planes.

Energy Healing For People & Animals

Offering energy healing for people and animals to help support the body and mind during illness or surgery, injury, moving home, sleep disturbances, as well as emotional trauma and grief. It can work alongside conventional medicine as a sort of "helping hand" during prescribed treatments. It is also hugely beneficial for relaxation in both people and animals. When our energies are balanced, life seems to fall into place and we function better.

Some examples of where I've helped animal clients is with seizure support, arthritis, hip dysplasia, aggressive or fearful behaviour after trauma, fear of people / skittish, anxiety after moving home, grieving, general confidence, post-surgery recovery, urinating in the home, loss of appetite and so forth.

I've had many human clients really benefit from the rebalancing to be able to concentrate better at work and sleep better. Some other examples of where I've helped people is with surgery support in terms of calming pre-surgery nerves, post-surgery recovery with pain reduction and (anecdotally) quicker recovery times (a number of hip replacement clients). I also helped support clients who are recovering from knee injuries, damaged ligaments, sciatica, endometriosis, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, emotional trauma, grieving after the death of a loved one, low moods, PTSD, depression, joint inflammation, emotions after a relationship breakup, IBS, anxiety, trouble falling asleep, PMS and so forth. The NHS are even getting Reiki Practitioners in to help with supporting their cancer patients. However, Healing is not just for when things are challenging. I have some clients who book in every now and then just for some nice "Me Time" and report the best night's sleep that night. 


In-person sessions at your home in London and Hampton (+surrounds), or remotely Worldwide through Distant Healing.   

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